Special Care Service
Lot owners at Riverview Cemetery have the opportunity to make a donation to the Special Care Fund. This fund insures that flowers are planted at the grave from May through the end of September and a Christmas wreath placed on the grave during the months of November through February. More information regarding participating in this program may be obtained by contacting the cemetery office.

Perpetual Care
Riverview Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery and all funds are used for the benefit of the cemetery. Perpetual Care ensures that Riverview will be as lovely in future years as it is today.

Living Gift
Individuals requesting to proffer a gift of a living tree or plant to Riverview Cemetery must do so in writing to:

Executive Director
Riverview Cemetery
P.O. Box 18053
Saint Paul, MN  55118

The offer should include:

  • the details of the gift
  • the estimated value of the gift
  • and contact information of the individual making the offer

If approved, the on-site superintendent will coordinate with the individual offering the gift for final details and arrangements for acceptance.